Camping rental

Hoinar Events offers expert expertise in providing a complete accomodation service at the festival, providing a complete solution to all camping requirements. From accomodation to infrastructure and service management, our team relies on a field experince to plan, manage and execute every detail.

We have 400 tent places for your event, for 2 and 3 people, with inflatable mattresses of 22 cm thick with 2 pillows included, 2 sleeping bags and tent lantern. In addition, for everything else, we have a trustworthy network of providers to help meet a wide range of requirements for those who come to the festival to have an unforgettable experience.

Over the years, we have developed a varied network and appreciated by companies that offer camping facilities, to the highest standards, comfort and services we adhere to. Our trusted relationships with these teams have been made in fields, thrown away at a distance, in the mountains, on the heights, on the shores of the lake, or at major festivals, ensuring that we offer our clients the best solutions.

Wheter you are organizing a camp, a big trip, a party or a festival, or other activities that require tent accommodation facilities, Hoinar Events is ready to help!

Give us a sign and you have a quality camping!



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