About Hoinar Events

Who Are We?

We passionately belive in freedom, both of words and movements, strong bonds, long talks, broadened horizons and a spirit of adventure.

We are also 100% positive that we can use the resources that nature gave us to develop abilities and traits so useful in our personal and professional life.

What Can We Do?

We take your needs and wishes, whether we talk about personal or professional ones, and we transform them in memorable events: teambuildings, trainings, weddings, meetings, launches, etc.

The plan is simple. We establish the concept of the event and the activities included based on your needs, we work with our trustworthy partners to create the appropriate atmosphere and we take care of its development. Afterwards, we prepare a follow-up meeting to take the event’s pulse.

Four Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

Flexible Team

Our team members, due to their experience in the corporate environment, is capable of engaging and inspiring people everywhere to the same purpose and can elevate memorable experience through HR techniques. That’s why our professional and personal events are so much fun and efficient.

Efficient HR Techniques

For corporate events, we focus on competence, skills and personal traits discovery. Moreover, our main purpose is to unite teams and share the fair treatment idea for each member.

Trustworthy partners

A successful event is based also on the quality and seriousness of the partners involved. Ours have these qualities and much more. Depending on the type of event we have some of the finest chefs, the best hostels or the most charismatic specialized trainers.

Original Environment

We are constantly looking to disrupt routine through dynamic activities that are taking place in WOW locations. Most of them are in the middle of nature because it provides us with amazing challenges for memorable events.

Looking for a smart adventure?

Set your main goals and let’s get started!