Have you ever thought about how climbing a slope is helpful in meeting your weekly goals in the company? Or how paddling a boat on the river will help the entire team to coordinate towards achieving an objective? Well, we did. That’s why we are ready to deliver you the teambuilding that your team needs.

Our teambuilding consists in a series of fully interactive activities that offer unique exploring experiences both of the environment and also of your own abilities.

Depending on your needs and wishes, we will prepare challenges through which you will test your boundaries and establish stronger connections with your team members. These challenges will be well integrated into nature because it has always provided the resources we need to learn to adapt to and cope with unforeseen situations.

Teambuilding Sub-services:

  • Agenda creation based on the client’s objectives and needs
  • Transportation
  • Venue selection and arrangement
  • Meals selection and arrangement
  • Booking trainers and facilitators for the event
  • Program and entertainment
  • Gifts and prizes (if the case)
  • Support with organization before and during the event

Among the activities that participants can do in our teambuildings we mention rafting, campfire or sleeping in the tent. These, together with the in-depth discussions, are designed to facilitate the discovery of your own potential and individual vocation.